Favor; despite what this thing looks like, despite the style, or what it appears to be. Look into it and ask yourself what can it possibly be, how can something as pointless as this could fulfill anything or even provoke joy, how does it affect you, i’m sure it does in different ways for you individualists, or does it at all?

I seriously got the wrong understating of it, I think I got something I did by instinct, almost an unreasonable reason I was making for it.  The starting of this project included lots of nothing, it look me more time to come up with the shape than it did for the concept. This might be the reason why it failed to be what it was intended or planed, but who is to say it fails?

In the journey of the making, cutting wood, endless hours of drilling and screwing shit, something predictably uninteresting happened to the whole and correspondingly to “me”.Im encouraging this level of silliness today because it helped my wild expedition thru design get even wilder, the appliance of heavy real life and gracious gravity fell onto the work and enlightened!

Design, Sketch.

Now, The building on land process;

What this IS, or what it will be when I recover it with that black fabric, a beautiful botanic green house where butterflies will stir them delicate selves and polinate. (my mother decides)

Love sharing…



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