The result of many of my desires takes place when I am alone, no one else is around resounding their noises, and I can find solitude to reflect on my visions. I am a lover of planes, as I would love to fly but the case surrounds architecture rather. It is architecture what makes me do this, the architecture in me tries to address development based on flow and demand. who needs what, who is placed where and what things are crucial for a city to become iconic.

I have a collection of drawings that I have done in the past few years that speak about urbanism and culture, i’ve been passioned  by structuring cities, designing whole cities that could be successful as I imagine them in my thoughts.

(below) Germanic city, the first city I drew (2006)—the starter of these series of city drawings.

The begging of the drawings is the older part of the city, the same grows as I add every building along the street and i continue to populate it with all kinds of facilities. the overall feeling of this one in particular is its composition—the different tones of the building rooftops are decided on how the whole thing appear in context.

(above) San Fernando de Malidon (2006)another imaginary city. 18th century—spanish colony.

(above) Artanium (2006)one city of the Roman Empire—2nd Century A.C.

(above) Chinese city (2008)

(above) Giarenze (2007)italian city, foundation year-1309—currently-1714 still growing



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