HAVANA: Pathways

You can find various ways of perceiving such a place, even when you visit the place several times—every single one of those times you can find different things about the place and notice others that could lead you to think of it differently.

Just the same way you can see vivid reds and blues or  more pale colors in drawings— at least you always remember the path you took, and when you return to the place, you can still remember your impressions—you probably still remember what you felt at certain moments, when you see something familiar, or you see something that called your attention then.
Light vs no light are the effects implied in the above images. One simple element such as light can radically change your view.

Sometimes in these places that can be so obscure you find in your illusions another field of dimension—there are pathways coming in and out

Many of the ways that one takes can vary in dimension—they produce diversity and, therefore, complexity as you look at it from above, from the side, from underneath, or from inside.


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